Thai Bamboo Bistro- Spicy lemongrass Chicken

Spicy lemongrass chicken from Thai bamboo bistro at the district. The dish was very good. The Thai chilies gave it enough heat but it didn’t destroy the flavor. Smoky tasting and seasoned perfectly. Mixture of good Asian flavors, I would recommend this dish to anyone that likes spicy yet tasteful Asian food. Will order it next time I go there again. Service staff was also very attentive and welcoming. Good place to eat.

Thai Bamboo Bistro 2417 Park Avenue, Tustin, CA (714) 259-0688

Cafe Lucca- Siena

Siena- tender leg of lamb meat , provolone, fresh basil and red pepper pesto. An amazing balance of flavors in a sandwich . You take a bite and you get the full attack of the pesto, as it slowly fades away the provolone and lamb take over and you have the basil leading the charge all the way through the meal. The Basil is always there but never overpowering. The Demi Baguette not too hard either,Just perfect. Some places will serve a hard as a rock baguette but they seem to keep it fresh here. Very surprising place with a nice lively atmosphere. I would definitely come back to try other dishes.
 cafe Lucca
 (714) 289-1255

Cafe Lucca- pasta salad to compliment sandwich

Pasta salad. Very fresh and cooked perfectly al dente. The ingredients all balanced well (almost). Needed a pinch of salt to bring out all the flavors, but was pretty good. a refreshing light dish to start my lunch. Love the olive oil in it and the light garlic taste. Only wish they could have used fresh parsley or basil to liven it up more. It has more of a south west feel because of the corn but still well executed.

Blue frog Bakery fruit tart

Very good tart. The sweetness of the cream balances out the tartness of the fruit. The only Con is that the crust is a little too thick so when you cut into it the things explodes crumbs on your plate. But it’s still a good dessert for a hot day.

Chocolate cupcake from the perfect circle cupcakery

Chocolate is always hard to do correctly, at least that’s what I’ve always thought. Because it can either be too sweet or too bitter. The frosting I didn’t care for it had that nice cocoa flavor but it was over sweetened, that killed it for me. The cake part was actually really good, you can tell there’s a hint of vanilla and other spices. Kinda like Mexican hot cocoa. If they toned down the sweetness in the frosting I can see myself buying more of the chocolate cupcakes.

Beach Pit Bbq Brisket Sandwich

Beach pit BBQ. They’re kinda like the fast food of BBQ but they haven’t disappointed yet. Meat Is cooked very well, The meat is always nice and tender. Only thing is you have to add the sauce on your own because they only put a little on the sandwich, so it can be dry at times. The spicy BBQ sauce is not spicy but flavorful, i recommend it. Love this place, hate Lucille’s. Brisket sandwich and Mac and cheese. :-)